Training ground

While teaching disciplines in technical universities, as a rule, it is provided for a number of practical and laboratory classes. Performing of practical and laboratory tasks by students is the organizational part of education process. The main goal of practical and laboratory studies is an extension, deepening and strengthening of theoretical knowledge, as well as the development of the most difficult skills in the maintenance of locomotives or practical skills during carrying out of technical standard processes.  The Institute’s training ground was established to achieve this goal.

The training and laboratory classes are conducted on the disciplines studied at the chairs as follows: “Locomotives and locomotive equipment”, “Electric transport and high-speed electric rolling stock”, “Wagons and rolling stock”, “Transport logistics and service”, “Automation and telemechanics at Railway transport “,” Power supply of railways “, “Bridges and tunnels “, as well as” Construction of railways, track and track facilities “.

Such devices, as switches, wagons and wheel sets, are provided to research practical topics, as well as for better mastering of studied by students topics.

There are the following facilities on the training ground:

At the training ground during the study of automated railway and telemechanical microelectronic installations created in the scientific and research laboratory on communication devices available are used at the training ground.

At the same time, training ground refers as a vocational guidance for students.