In order to further improve the economic training of railway specialists on the initiative of the leadership of the Central Asian railway in 1962 from the Department of “Economics and organization of transport Tashiit” was allocated the Department of “Financing and accounting”. The transition of rail transport to market basics of business has required the training of personnel in new economic fields and professions. In this regard, in 2004 the Department of ” Financing and accounting “was transformed into the Department of”Accounting and audit”.

The Department “Accounting and audit” is producing in the specialty 5230900 – Accounting and audit (railway transport).

Over the past period, more than 4,500 accountants have been trained. Graduates of the Department successfully work in railway transport and in other sectors of the economy like the Republic of Uzbekistan, CIS and far abroad.

Currently the Department has 8 teachers, including 3 candidates of economic Sciences , 2 senior teachers and 3 assistants. Service of educational process and other activities of the Department are 2 employees of training and support staff.

Members of the Department prepared and published dozens of educational and methodological developments, widely used in the educational process during practical and seminars, in the independent work of students.

Innovative teaching methods are used during the lessons. To this end, the Department of special majors developed problem and information lectures, prepared guidelines and collections of tasks for practical training, methodological developments for multimedia classes.

Teachers of the Department take an active part in conducting classes at the faculty of advanced training of managers and specialists of railway transport of the financial service of JSC “UTY”.

The staff of the Department has established close business relations with the structural units and “financial Management” of JSC “UTY”, foreign Universities. Such interaction allows to carry out scientific work at the Department and to obtain information that is used in the educational process.

There is a constant relationship with a foreign University on the exchange of methodological materials and scientific developments in the field of development and improvement of accounting, audit, tax accounting.