The department “Automation and telemechanics” began its work in 1961 under the name of the department “Automation, telemechanics and communication in railway transport” as part of the faculty “Automation, telemechanics and communications”. The first head of the department was A.A. Plotnikov, who worked as the chief engineer of the Kazan railway.

In 1964, the department “Automation and telemechanics in railway transport” was separated into a separate department, and A.V. Gudkov.

Khlyzov L.S. and associate professor Yu.A. Smolyanitsky made a great contribution to the development of the laboratory facilities of the department.

Later, Associate Professor F.A. Nazarov further enriched the laboratory facilities:

“Dispatch centralization”, “Power supply” under the guidance of associate professor V. Strokov;

“Auto-blocking and automatic locomotive signaling” under the guidance of associate professors MM Aliev, Yu.A. Smolnitskiy, Yu.A. Polevoy.

“Theoretical Foundations of Automation”, “Discrete Devices” by Associate Professor G.R. Rakhmetov;

Under the guidance of Associate Professor Sh.R. Khorunov created laboratories “Special measurements in railway transport”.

From 2006 to 2017, the head of the department was Associate Professor Azizov A.R. Under the guidance of Associate Professor Azizov A.R. laboratories “Microprocessor devices and control systems in railway transport” were created, and computer classes were organized for conducting virtual laboratories.

The staff of the department is constantly engaged in research and scientific and methodological work. The main areas of research are the creation of economical technologies, microprocessor devices and control systems for railway automatics and telemechanics, testing their resistance to external influences and the study of complex electrical systems.

The results of scientific research of the department are applied in the State Joint Stock Company “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari”. In 1998, under the leadership of V.G. Strokov developed a direct current rail circuit without a battery source and a direct current auto-blocking system without a battery source. At present, these systems are used over a length of 590 km of signal and communication distances Kungrad, Bukhara, Urgench, Karshi. The introduction of this system has brought economic benefits to the Uzbek Railways in the amount of 70 thousand US dollars. Research on this issue continues and battery-free track circuits have also begun to be used in stations.

In 2005, the management of the Signaling and Communication Center of the Uzbekiston Temir Yullari provided the department with a DISK-B device for use in the educational process.

In 2008, under the guidance of Associate Professor A.R. Azizov developed a microprocessor device for generating a control signal and decoding a control signal at a linear point of the “LUCH” dispatching blocking system.

Members of the department take an active part in the development of regulations for high-speed sections of the railways of Uzbekistan.

Several research laboratories have been opened at the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers. One of them is the Research Laboratory for Signaling, Centralization and Communication. Created in 2014 under the leadership of A.R. Azizov at the Department of Automation and Telemechanics in Railway Transport. In this research laboratory, A.R. Azizov, later J.F. Kurbanov worked as the head of the laboratory.

In 2018, at the Academic Council PhD.28.06.2018.T.73.01 at the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers, the following young teachers of the department D.Kh. Riksiev, E.K. Ametova successfully defended their Ph.D. thesis in the direction 05.08.03 – “Operation of railway transport”. D.X. Baratov, J.F. Kurbanov successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in this area. Assistants of our department A.N. Sadikov, A.A. Saitov, F.F. Shakirova conducts research on the defense of candidate dissertations in this area.

Thanks to cooperation with leading universities in the railway industry of the Russian Federation, young teachers of the department D.Kh. Baratov, S.T. Boltaev, G.A. The Bekbaevs completed their postgraduate studies at the St. Petersburg State University of Railways and successfully defended their dissertation. Assistants of the department R.B. Abdullaev, O. K. Vaisov, A.A. Rakhmonberdiev is a postgraduate student at the St. Petersburg State University of Railways, D.Kh. Ruziev in graduate school at the Moscow State University of Railways.

Currently, the head of the Department of Automation and Telemechanics is Associate Professor DcS Zh.F. Kurbanov, head of offices N. Rakhimov and laboratory assistants B.G. Ergashev, E. Khodzhamkulov, E. Dzhanikulov are working.

The teaching staff of the department consists of 36 teachers, including 16 full-time, 16 correspondence and 4 hours.

The teachers of the department have published dozens of scientific articles, received copyrights and patents for inventions. Students and undergraduates are involved in the scientific research of the department.