The history of the Department of “Technical Maintenance of automobiles” begins with the Department of “Automobiles” of the Mechanical Faculty of the Central Asian Industrial Institute (later the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute), created in 1940..

The fist head of the Department was G.A.Kuzminov, then doсent. A.N.Ninov.

Research works conducted by the Department are devoted to current problems of automobile transport maintenance.

Research work carried out at the Department is aimed at solving the following topical issues:

  • Training of highly qualified bachelors and masters;
  • preparation of highly qualified bachelors and masters;
  • a feasibility study of the resource of vehicles for various operating conditions, as well as their temporary write-off;
  • development of standards for technical operation of vehicles, effective use of fuels and lubricants;
  • optimization of the modes of maintenance and routine car repair works;
  • determination of fuel consumption standards for specialized, newly produced and imported vehicles from abroad.

The department conducts contractual work with the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan, bus fleets of JSC “Toshshahartranskhizmat” and transport enterprises of regions (for example, Kashkadarya and Bukhara regions). These contractual works are aimed at increasing the efficiency of operation of motor transport enterprises, as well as organizing educational, industrial, pre-diploma practice and training of the faculty of the department in production.

The Department in the current academic year is planning to conclude an economic contract. Contract work on the following topics:

  • increasing the efficiency of the transport enterprise of the Dekhkanabad Potash Fertilizer Plant by improving the production and technical base of the enterprise;
  • increasing the efficiency of the JSC “Uzparavtotrans” by optimizing the modes of technical maintenance of vehicles and works on their current repair.

Currently, the Department is conducting preparatory work on the conclusion of contractual work by the above-mentioned enterprises.

The cost of each contractual work at the suggestion of the Department can be approximately 40 – 45 million sums.

After the conclusion of contracts for the above-listed works, approximately 8-10 employees of the Department can work part-time in these contractual works.

Graduates of the Department of “Automobile and vehicle fleet” can successfully work in motor transport enterprises of various sectors of the economy. Examples include the following businesses, organizations, and institutions:

  • motor transport enterprises: bus fleets, taxi fleets, automobile enterprises operating trucks;
  • car ​​service stations: city car service stations, roadside car service stations, motels and campgrounds;
  • car ​​repair plants, workshops and centers for the repair of various units;
  • experimental design bureaus for the development of technological equipment, projects of motor transport enterprises and car service stations;
  • large transport enterprises and transport departments of the mining and metallurgical industry;
  • departments of special disciplines of motor transport universities and technical schools belonging to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education;
  • various training centers for training specialists for the field of operation and the device of cars;
  • branded car service stations and large car service centers;
  • as specialists in the departments and departments of road transport of the Ministry of Transport.

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees – graduates of the Department “Automobile and vehicle fleet” can work in the above-mentioned enterprises, organizations and institutions as an engineer, senior engineer, chief engineer, Manager, head of the motor transport Department.