The Department of Economics and management is one of the oldest departments of the Institute. It was founded in December 1941. The Department was managed by Professor E. Hanukov, Professor.Orlov, Professor M. Belenky, Professor I. Ravich, Professor G. Kasimov and associate professors G. p. Bublik, A. I. Ismailkhodzhaev, A. A. Gulyamov, N. A. Khodzhayeva, M. M. Agzamova.

The Department has trained economists and engineers in the Economics of railway transport, its organization and management. Currently, bachelor’s degrees in “Economics”, “Management” and master’s degrees in industry Economics are being prepared. Over the entire period of its existence, the Department has trained more than 4000 economists-engineers, bachelors and masters.

The Department was founded in 1945 under the supervision of doctor of Economics, Professor V. N. Orlov and opened a postgraduate course in the field of transport Economics. M. Belenky, E. Belkov, and E. I. Silaev were among the first to be admitted to it. To date, more than 40 candidates of economic Sciences have been trained. In 2001, the Department opened a master’s degree in “industry Economics” (railway transport).

The activity of professors and teachers of the Department in the educational process is aimed at increasing the role of continuous training of specialists in the field of Economics and management.

For this purpose, the Department has developed lecture notes on more than 40 subjects studied by students of all directions, curricula and work programs, teaching AIDS on industrial practice, on the implementation of course projects and works, guidelines for applicants to graduate school. The developed training manuals help to provide a thorough feasibility study of decisions made in a market economy. The educational process uses advanced pedagogical technologies and interactive teaching methods. Computer technologies are widely used in the performance of term papers and theses.

The working programs of the Department include new disciplines “Fundamentals of management”, “personnel Management”, “Fundamentals of entrepreneurship”, “foreign Economic activity”, “logistics”, “Administrative management”, “international management”, “Strategic management”, “management of transport enterprises”, “risk Management and exchange activity”, “project Analysis”, “customs Economics”, “tourism Organization”, “Business planning”, “road management Estimates” and a number of other disciplines of Economics and management. Special attention is paid to market research, marketing research, strategic marketing and marketing of transport companies.

Economists trained by professors and teachers of the Department participate in national Olympiads and win prizes: B. Khodjaev, N. Bandaruk, D. Kanatova, A. Agalarov, F. Khabibullina and others.

A set of questions on the problems of the market economy and methodological manuals on them has been developed for middle and senior managers of Uzbekistan Temir Yullari JSC and Uzektemiryulyulovchi JSC.

The cost and profitability of services provided to passengers at railway stations in recent years in the research work of the Department; analysis of the activities of the production Association UE “Uztemiryulmashtamir” in the market conditions of means of production; social aspects of the reorganization of railway transport; a Special place is occupied by improving the efficiency of higher education professionals in a market economy and other issues.

Professors and teachers of the Department took an active part in the work of the Board of the Ministry of higher education to develop a draft concept of higher education in the Republic of Uzbekistan and alternative versions of the concept of continuing economic education.

The teaching staff of the Department has prepared and published more than 100 textbooks, manuals and monographs. Which are approved by the Main Department of educational institutions of the Ministry of railway transport, are mainly published in the publishing house “Transport” and are widely used in the educational process.

In connection with the opening of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute specialty “Economics of road transport and its organization” at the Department of “Economics and organization of road management” in 1966, the training of automobile economists began. In 1982, the Department Of Economics and management of highways was established. In 1999, the Department of Economics was created on the basis of the departments “International economic relations and audit” and “Economic theory”.

The Department” Economics of the road industry and its organization ” was headed by professors B. Khodjaev, G. Kasimov, Zh. Kh. Saidov, associate professors G. Zakirov, A. Abdurakhmonov, I. Ikramov, B. Omonov, S. Yuldasheva.

When analyzing data on graduate training at the Department for 2012-2016, a total of 235 students completed a bachelor’s degree in Management, 28 masters, in 2015, 50 students completed a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and 6 students completed a master’s degree.

Over the past 5 years, professors and teachers of the Department have published 3 monographs, more than 10 textbooks and manuals, more than 50 methodological works and more than 100 scientific articles abroad and in Uzbekistan. These are the scientific and practical magazine “Higher school”, the magazine “Economic generation of Russia”, the scientific and practical magazine ” Innovative economy: prospects for development and improvement” (Russia),” Vestnik TAI”,” Business expert”,” Business partner”,” Business consultant”,” Tashiit Newsletter”,” Market, money and credit ” magazine and others.

4 professors and teachers of the Department (Prof. Samatov G., associate Professor T. Kodirov, associate Professor M. Ravshanov and assistant A. Tuichiev) according to ITD-2-53 “Improving the methodological foundations for improving the competitiveness of transport in the context of economic modernization”, a total of 123 research works were performed.

Currently, the Department of Economics is part of the faculty of Economics of the Tashkent state transport University and trains specialists in the fields of Economics, Management, Marketing, Organization and management of production for railway, automobile and air transport enterprises.

The Department trains specialists in the following areas: 5230100-Economics (railway transport); 5230200-Management (railway transport); 5230400 – Marketing (railway transport); 0000000 – bachelor’s degree in organization and management of production (road transport) and 5A230102 – Economics (railway transport); Master’s degree 5A231901-Corporate management.

The scientific potential of the Department is 41%, including Professor Tursunkhodjaeva M. L., Shadiev G. M., associate Rahmanova R. A., Yuldashev S. A., Physicochemi M. L., Arslanbekov S. M., Abdullayev. M. N., Khodjaev N. A. Shakirova F. B. Kosimov, S. S., Salimov B. B. who contribute to the development of science and education of highly qualified personnel.

The office is located in the city of Tashkent, Mirabad district, St Odilhodjaeva, 1, korp.

Located in building 2, 4th floor, room 438. Tel: 71-299-03-65.