Department history: In 1956, at the construction faculty of the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute (now the Tashkent State Technical University named after I. Karimov), the specialty “Automobile roads” was opened. In 1958 the department “Automobile roads” was created. In 1970, the Faculty of Automobile Transport and Roads was founded. In September 1971, the department “Automobile roads” was divided into two departments: “Road survey and design” and “Technology of construction and operation of highways”. In 1972, on September 1, on the basis of the faculty “Automobile transport and roads”, the Tashkent Automobile and Road Institute was established. Since 1994, the departments “Road survey and design” and “Technology of construction and operation of highways” have been merged, and the department “Automobile roads” began its work. On July 26, 1995 the Department of Aerodromes and Airports was established. In 2005, the departments “Automobile roads” and “Aerodromes and Airports” were merged, and the department “Automobile roads and Aerodromes” was created. On September 2, 2013, the department “Automobile roads and Aerodromes” was divided into 2 departments “Design of Automobile roads and Aerodromes”, and “Construction and operation of Automobile roads and Aerodromes”. Since 2017, the departments are called “Survey and design of automobile roads” and “Construction of Automobile roads and Aerodromes.”

Since 2018, the Department of Survey and design of automobile roads has been headed by PhD., Associate Professor R.M. Khudaykulov.

With the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to radically improve training systems in the field of transport” PP-4703 dated May 4, 2020 on the basis of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers, the Tashkent Institute of Design, Construction and Maintenance of automobile roads and the Faculty of Aerospace Technologies University was organized by the Tashkent State Transport University. In this regard, the name of the department “Survey and design of automobile roads” was renamed to “Survey and Design of Roads”. Since September 2, 2020, the department is headed by PhD., Associate Professor R.M. Khudaykulov.

Teaching staff: The department has 21 professors, teachers and 3 technical staff.

Disciplines attached to the department: 18 subjects are taught at the department, 15 of them in bachelor’s degree, 3 in master’s degree. Disciplines taught in bachelor’s degree:  “The engineering geodesy”, “The history of the development of automobile roads and communication routes”, “Road design”, “Design of automobile roads and artificial structures”, “Road design CAD”, “Automobile roads”, “Design, construction and maintenance of aerodromes”, “Design, construction and maintenance of automobile roads”, “Highways and toll roads”, “Automobile roads and city streets”, “Routes of communication”, “Architectural and landscape design of Automobile roads and city streets”, “Basics of the application of geographic information systems on automobile roads”, “Basics of using geoinformation systems in the construction of bridge structures”. Disciplines taught in the master’s degree: “Information technologies for designing automobile roads”, “Design of bridge crossings on automobile roads” and “Modern highways”.

Spiritual and educational work: According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. UP-4947 “On the Strategy of Actions for the Further Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, seminars are regularly held with the participation of specialists in the field of road construction, in curatorial hours, round tables on the topic “My chosen profession”. The department has a “Teacher-Student” system.

Educational and methodical works. In recent years, professors and teachers have published 8 textbooks, 10 teaching aids, over 25 teaching guidelines and 7 monographs.

            Research work: Professors and teachers of the department published 23 articles in international scientific journals, 25 articles in Republican scientific and technical journals, as well as more than 35 articles and abstracts in international and republican conferences.

Material and technical base: at the disposal of the Department of “Research and Design of Roads” 105, 106, 301, 302, 303, 303a, 304, 305, 306 classrooms, the total area of classrooms is 350 m2.

Patents and copyright certificates:

  1. IAP 05276 “Bituminous emulsion” Patent 2016. Kayumov A.D., Khudaykulov R.M., Dushanov R., Abdullaev M., Mirzaakhmedov M.M.
  2. IAP 06049 “Method for determining the mechanical properties of soil by the interaction of geosynthetic materials” Patent application 2017 Khodzhimetov G.K., Kayumov A.D., Komilov S.I., Khudaykulov R.M.
  3. DGU 05314 “A program for determining the priority factor of the thickness of the slope, taking into account the geosynthetic properties of the material.” 2018 Komilov S.A., Kayumov A.D., Bekmirzaev D.A.
  4. №001641 Substantiation of the calculated characteristics of the subgrade soils. 2019 Khudaykulov R.M., Kayumov A.D., Rakhimberdiev I.U., Makhmudova D.A., Abdullaev Kh.D.
  5. №002007 Improvement of methods of hydrological calculation in the design of the drainage system of urban roads. 2020 Khudaykulov R.M., Salimova B.D., Abdullaev Kh.D., Durdiev Kh.D.
  6. № 001999 “The use of stabilizers to improve the properties of bonded soils”. 2020 yil Khudaykulov R.M., Kayumov A.D., Salimova B.D., Khakimova R.Zh., Abdullaev Kh.D.

Department cooperation: Currently, close ties have been established with foreign universities and road industry enterprises: Moscow Automobile and Roads State Technical University, Belarusian National Technical University, Orenburg National University, Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture named after I. Isanova, Silesian University of Technology, JV LLC “Credo-Dialogue”, LLC “Gabions Maccaferry CIS”.

Cooperation with industry enterprises: Committee for automobile roads of the Republic of Uzbekistan, LLC “Road design bureau”, UE “Automobile Road Research Institute”, UE “Yo’l loyiha ekspertiza”, LLC “АЕRO YOL LOYIHA”,  LLC “YO’LINJINIRINGLOYIHA”, LLC “Farg’ona yo’l loyiha”