The department was created in 1971 at the “Automobiles and Roads” faculty of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute under the name “Autotractor Engines”, which changed its name several times. The first head of the department was Associate Professor A.M. Bagdasarov. Before graduation from the Tashkent institute of design, construction and maintenance  of automobile roads, the department was renamed into “Ecology and Internal Combustion Engines” and was headed by Doctor of science, Professor B.I. Bazarov.
       At present, the department belongs to the newly created Tashkent State University of Transport, the Faculty of Engineering of Automobile Transport, and is called “Transport and Energy Equipment”. Chair (PhD), head R.N. Akhmatjanov. Today the department employs 20 professors and teachers. Including 3 doctors-professors, 5 candidates of sciences-associate professors, 5 senior teachers and 4 assistants.

         The department “Transport power equipments” has a long history, which trains qualified personnel for the development of our country on the basis of 4-year bachelor’s and 2-year master’s programs.

The department trains qualified personnel in the bachelor’s degree “Road-building equipment, motor transport and their operation”, “Ecology and environmental protection” and the master’s degree “Testing and operation of internal combustion engines”.