Embergenov A.B

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Education level:

1981-1990 yy. bachelor's degree Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers (evening department)

Stages of professional activity:

1982-1982 yy. Construction department No. 57 DSK-2 painter

1982-1984 yy. To serve in the military

1985-1999 yy. Tashkent track distance PCh-2 track fitterman, track foreman, road master

1999-2005 yy. Tashkent regional railway junction, station attendant

2005-2019 yy. Tashkent professional railway college, master of training, teacher, deputy director for EPW

2019-2020 yy. assistant of the Department “Railway construction, track and track management” of Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers

From 2020 – assistant of the Department “Railway engineering” of Tashkent state transport university


2018 – КМОТ ва QТУМ МО №257188 Exploitation of land transport

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