The faculty was founded in 1931 at the same time as the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers and until 1983 was called “Operation of Railways”. Until September 1, 1993, that is, before the merger with the Faculty of Automation, Telemechanics and Communications, it was called “Management of transportation processes in railway transport”, and a little later it was renamed to “Automated transportation management systems on railways.”

Since 2005, the third – the final stage of the implementation of the National Program for Personnel Training has begun in the system of higher education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. At this stage, higher educational institutions needed to improve and further develop the training system based on the analysis and generalization of the accumulated experience, in accordance with the prospects for the country’s socio – economic development.

Over the past period, the institute has done a lot to implement the National Program for Personnel Training: the material and technical base of the institute has been improved, textbooks and teaching aids have been created that meet the requirements of State educational standards, new, non-traditional pedagogical technologies have been introduced into the educational process. At the same time, discrepancies between the management system of the institute and the modern requirements for specialists, in the requirements for undergraduate and graduate students, were revealed. Due to the physical impossibility of managing all departments of the institute on the part of the dean’s office of the correspondence faculty and the magistracy center, attention to the provision of educational and methodological literature, the quality of training for correspondence and magistracy students has weakened.

In order to eliminate these shortcomings, implement the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, No. 21 dated February 13, 2005 and in accordance with the order of the rector of the institute No. 104-U dated July 9, 2005, students of the correspondence department were transferred to the faculty magistracy of relevant directions and specialties and the faculty was renamed to “Organization of transportation and management”. In 2011, the faculty was renamed, and it began to be called “Organization of Transportation and Transport Logistics”.

Over the past periods, the faculty was headed by the following: in 1931-1937 and 1939-1941 associate professor Botolov M.Ya., 1937-1938 associate professor Grechanskiy V.S., later – associate professors M.D. Gordon, V.I. Aksenov, Khodzhaev M.Kh., Ishimbaev V.I., Belov V.N., Kulmanov K.A., Tulyaganov U.T., Rakhmanberdyev R.Kh., Tuychiev E.T., Rasulov M.Kh., Mirsalikhov E A.A., Tursunov Z.Sh. After the transformation of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers into the Tashkent State Transport University, from September 2, 2020, the faculty began to be called “Administration of Transport Systems” and it was headed by Ph.D. Professor M.Kh. Rasulov

In 1997, in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education” and “National Program for Personnel Training”, the faculty began training bachelors in two areas of education:

  • Operation of vehicles (railway transport);
  • Automation and control.

In 1998, the Concept for further improvement of the activities of the state-owned joint-stock railway company “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari” was developed.

In accordance with it, priority tasks are outlined, aimed at improving the activities of the railway network of the Republic of Uzbekistan and creating a base for its inclusion in the international transport system:

  • continuation of institutional transformations, improvement at the level of departments of economic relations and management system;
  • development of effective systems for the activities of enterprises, suspension of coverage by profitable activities of unprofitable ones, as a result of which to ensure the transition to profitable activities;
  • continuation of work on full and permanent provision of the infrastructure of the industry and parks with new vehicles;
  • constant development of repair facilities and power supply systems;
  • improving the systems of training and retraining of specialists, at the same time strengthening the social protection of employees;
  • introduction of new, advanced technologies into production, allowing to strengthen production capacity and quality and expand the range of services in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of the clientele.

To implement the large-scale tasks listed above, it is necessary to open new areas of bachelor’s degree. Therefore, since 1999, taking into account the needs of railway transport for personnel and the scientific potential of the Department of Electrical Communications and Radio, the admission of students in the direction of education “Telecommunications” has been opened. In 2003, on the basis of this direction of education, the directions “Information Systems” and “Professional Education (Telecommunications)” were opened, and in 2004, on the basis of the Department of Automation and Telemechanics, the direction “Professional Education (Automation and Control)” was opened.

As a result of many years of activity of the faculty staff, over 8 thousand highly qualified specialists have been trained for railway transport and various sectors of the national economy. Over the years of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan alone, 1188 engineers and 969 bachelors have successfully completed their studies at the faculty.

The graduates of the faculty worked fruitfully in responsible positions from the heads of the stations to the workers of ministries, government bodies, research and design institutes. These include L.I. Pingarev (graduate of 1954) – Deputy Minister of Ways of Communication of the former Union, A.M. Kadyrov (graduate of 1936) – for 40 years the head of the Tashkent, then Central Asian railway, V.M. Zheltoukhov ( 1974 graduate) – Head of the Central Asian Railway, A.E. Ermetov (graduate of 1974) – Head of the Central Asian Railway and Chairman of the Board of the Yzbekiston Temir Yllari DATK, A.A. Adylov (graduate of 1949), A.D. Danaev (1974 graduate) – Deputy Heads of the Central Asian Railway, D.Kh. Rakhimov (1972 graduate) Deputy Head of the Uzbekiston Temir Yullari DATK, RT Turgunbaev (1955 graduate) – Head of the West Kazakhstan Railway, I.S. Karabasov (graduate of 1965) – rector of the Alma-Ata Institute of Railway Engineers, S.M. Dzhumabaev (graduate of 1949) – rector of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers in 1981-1998, Kh.A. Akhmedov (graduate of 1959year) – Prime Minister of Turkmenistan, G.Z. Zakhritdinov (graduate of 1959) – Chairman of the Committee of the Supreme Council of Uzbekistan, T.Ya.Sharipov (graduate of 1958) – Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, I.U. Ubaydullaev (graduate of 1949 year) – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Deputy General Director of NPO Cybernetics, A.A. Antonov (graduate of 1954) – Head of the Far Eastern and Belarusian Railways and many others.

A number of graduates of the faculty, with their fruitful work, contributed to the rise of the institute’s authority. These include Sh.M. Sadykov – Deputy Chairman of the Board of SJJK “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari”, T.A. Valiev, E.V. Krivoruchko, AA Abdullaev – heads of departments of SJJK “Uzbekistan Temir Yullari”, A.S. Shukurov – khakim of the city of Samarkand, and others.

The role of the use of computer technology in the development of modern knowledge is great. Taking this into account, the leadership of the institute put forward the idea of ​​creating computer centers at the faculties and in 2000 began its activity, equipped with modern computers, the computer center of the faculty. Since 2005, lecture rooms have been equipped, equipped with a multimedia system.

Gifted youth is the main factor providing social and economic development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The faculty is constantly working to identify gifted students, as well as the direction of their activities. All gifted students of the faculty are assigned to the leading teachers of the graduating departments, their targeted training is being conducted. Participation with interesting reports of all gifted students is provided at the conferences of the society “Bilim va amal” held annually at the institute. These events have had a positive effect. For example, during the years of Independence of Uzbekistan, 32 gifted students of the faculty became holders of personal scholarships. Of these, 6 students became holders of State scholarships: J. Nurmukhamedov – named after the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (1999-2000 academic year), J. Abdullaev – named after Mirzo Ulugbek (2001-2002 academic year), N. Akbarov (1992-1993 academic year) , O. Akbarov (1993-1994 academic year), A. Abdusamatov and D. Baratov (2003-2004 academic year), Z. Tursunov (2006-2007), A. Kabetskaya (2009-2010), D. Eshmetova (2010 -2011), M. Pleshakova (2011-2012), S. Akhmedov (2012-2013) – named after Beruni.

Much attention at the faculty is paid to educational work among students. The plans for such work cover all facets of raising a worthy generation. Since the 2003-2004 academic year, these plans have been expanded to include spiritual education, enlightenment, aesthetic, environmental and physical education.

Students of the faculty take an active part in events of the institute and republican scale. Thus, the students of the faculty as part of the team of the institute take part in the Republican competitions “Nihol” and “Khazina”. In 2001, the student of the faculty A. Abdusamatov played the main role in the first feature film about the railways of Uzbekistan “Steel Roads”, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Republic of Uzbekistan …

The students of the faculty successfully participate in the traditional contests “Student Spring”, and took 1st place several times, including the last year of 2020.

A healthy lifestyle is widely promoted at the faculty. Students take part in mass sports competitions. As a result, the students of the faculty successfully participate in the Republican competitions among students. For example, students of the faculty D. Khuzhamurodov, E. Turaev took part in the final stage of the Universiade-2000 competition. E. Turaev won the bronze medal in kurash at the Universiade-2002 competition. S. Baryshev, O. Aliyev in track and field athletics successfully participated in the final competitions “Universiade-2004”.

Held in 2000 at the institute at the international student kurash tournament dedicated to the memory of the Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Uzbekistan, Professor I.A. Adylkhodzhaev, student of the faculty E. Turaev won a gold medal, and students B. Norkulov and L. Kurbonov a bronze medal.

Conducting reviews – competitions of creative essays is an important factor in the formation of ideas of national independence in the minds of students. Students of the faculty take an active part in these competitions. For example, at the 2004 competition of creative essays on the theme “Independence in my destiny” the student of the faculty D. Baratov took the 1st place, and the students A. Maleev and M. Khusanova the 3rd place. At the competition on the theme “I live in a democratic state,” the student of the faculty E. Stoyakin took the II place, and the students H. Rakhimova, Zh.Khasanov, A. Fadeev – the III place. Students E. Stoyakin, A. Bozorov, J. Tuychiev successfully participated in the competition on the theme “I am a citizen of a state with a great future”.

The work carried out by the faculty staff was highly appreciated by the management of the institute. At the institute held, according to the order of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 109 dated May 14, 2001 and dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the competition “Best Dean”, “Best Head of Department”, “Best Professor”, “Best Associate Professor”, “Best Teacher”, employees Faculty won in three nominations: “Best Dean” – Rasulov M.Kh., “Best Professor” – Khalikov AA, “Best Teacher” – Krivoruchko BV. (Order of the rector of the Institute No. 162 dated 15.08.2001).

In the 2003 competition “The Best Faculty”, “The Best Department”, the “Automated Railway Transportation Management System” faculty took the II place, and the “Electrical Communications and Radio” department became the best.

In 2005, this competition was held again and the faculties of “Organization of transportation and management” and “Electrical communications and radio” became the best (order of the rector of the Institute No. 24-T dated 20.02.2006).

In 2011, the Institute widely celebrated its 80th anniversary. A number of large-scale events were held among students dedicated to the anniversary.

Dozens of scientific articles have been published by the faculty teachers, copyright certificates and patents for inventions have been received. Research work is underway to introduce new railway technologies. Leading specialists of the faculty take an active part in the development of regulatory and technical documentation for high-speed and high-speed sections of the railways of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Close attention is paid to young employees in order to determine the direction of research, to attract them to scientific developments. Improving pedagogical skills of young specialists is achieved through their obligatory involvement in methodological developments. Students and undergraduates are widely involved in scientific research.

In order to improve the quality of education, graduates of vocational colleges, and the railway direction, the leading teachers of the faculty are actively working on the creation of textbooks intended for both university students and college students.

The departments of the faculty work closely with the railway universities of the CIS countries. Thanks to international relations with the St. Petersburg State University of Railways (PGUPS), Moscow State University of Railways (MIIT), the Ural State Railways (URGUPS) and the Hiroshima University, students and graduates of the faculty continue their studies at these universities. Over the years, Sh.M.Suyunbaev, Zh.Kabulov, K.Zhurabaev have successfully defended their candidate dissertations in the council at PGUPS. Svetashev A.A., Ilesaliev D.I., Aliev O.T.

The Faculty has an Academic Council, a Scientific and Methodological Council and Monitoring.