Since 1960, the demand for specialists in economics has been increasing in the national economic system of railway transport. In 1965, under the leadership of the rector of the institute M.F. Prasolova and M.N. Belenky, a new Faculty of Engineering Economics was organized. Doctor of Economics, Professor M.N. Belenky, and deputy dean was candidate of economic sciences, associate professor M.N. Adylov.

In 1989, the Faculty of Economics was included in the Faculty of Transportation Process Management. This faculty in 1998 was separated into an independent faculty and is now called the Economic Faculty.

The faculty has 3 departments fruitfully functioning. Of these, such departments as “Economics”, “Accounting” and “Information Technologies in Transport” are departments that graduate specialists-economists.

About 55 teachers work at these departments, of which 57% have an academic degree and are experts in their field.

The faculty prepares bachelors for railway transport and other sectors of the economy in four areas: “Economics” (On railway transport),

“Management” (On railway transport), “Marketing” (On railway transport), “Accounting and audit” (On railway transport), as well as “Informatics and information technology” (On railway transport), Organization and management of production (Automobile transport) and masters in the specialty “Economics of the industry”.

The number of students studying at the faculty is over 600 people. Over the past years, the faculty has trained specialists in such fields as economics and management, finance and accounting, transport construction, logistics and labor economics, organization and planning of transport works, planning, creation and use of new information technologies.

Within the framework of these relations, leading professors and teachers conduct bilateral scientific research aimed at solving urgent economic problems of production. In particular, according to the orders of these systemic entities, scientific research of practical, fundamental and innovative directions is being conducted. These scientific studies contribute to the improvement of the organization of the work of these systems, as well as to improve economic performance, improve their performance and financial results.

The faculty and students of the faculty are improving and expanding their research work due to such new areas as rational and efficient resource management in new conditions in transport and the assessment of transport infrastructure costs.

By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “ON MEASURES ON CERTAIN IMPROVEMENT OF THE TRAINING SYSTEM IN THE FIELD OF TRANSPORT” Radical improvement of the system of training highly qualified personnel for the transport sector of the republic on the basis of advanced foreign experience and international standards, the widespread introduction of innovative forms and methods of teaching in the educational process technologies, as well as – In order to strengthen the technical base and further increase the scientific potential of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education and the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers of the JSC “Uzbek Railways”, the Tashkent Automobile Transport, the Tashkent State Transport University was created on the basis of the Institute of Design, Construction and Operation of Aircraft and the Faculty of Aerospace Technologies of the Tashkent State Technical university.

The staff of the Faculty of Economics of the Tashkent State Transport University, in addition to training qualified specialists for OJSC “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari” and the State Committee for Roads of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Finance and accounting in transport, Economics and forecasting, The use of locomotives and wagons, Wagon economy and departments, center, as well as large industrial enterprises JSC “Uztemiryulmashtamir”, JSC “Tashkent car repair and construction plant”, “Uztemiryuli” “Uztemiryulovchi “, JV” Autoyultamir “, JV” Avtomagistral “, SUE” Trans Yulkurilish ” research. Within the framework of the project, leading professors and teachers conduct mutually beneficial research aimed at solving the economic problems inherent in the production of these systems. In particular, in accordance with the orders of the units of this system, scientific research is carried out in practical, fundamental and innovative directions, which leads to further improvement of the organization of these systems, their economic efficiency and financial results.

Currently, the main attention of the teaching staff is aimed at improving the quality of training specialists in the field of economics and management, finance and accounting, audit, information systems and technologies.

To solve the set problem for 80 disciplines taught at the faculty, texts of lectures, educational and work programs, methodological recommendations for practical classes, term design works, all types of practices, final qualification works and master’s theses have been prepared.

In the educational process, advanced pedagogical technologies and interactive teaching methods are widely used. Advanced information technologies are actively used in the implementation of independent and course design works, final qualification works.

The activities of the faculty are aimed at fulfilling a common goal – to become a center for training highly qualified personnel for transport in the field of economics and finance and providing the labor exchange in this area with qualified personnel.