Students of the 1st year showed great interest in promotional activities


On November 27, 2020 Tashkent State transport University organized a spiritual and educational event under the motto “New Uzbekistan-new world outlook”.


The purpose of the event is to convey to our people the essence and significance of the five important initiatives put forward by the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and raise the mood of our people who have fallen into a depressed mood due to the pandemic.


At the event, the University team exchanged views on the changes taking place in our country today. The participants expressed their relationship about the changes in their lives, the achievements of their loved ones, the innovations that will be in the future University, University, academic groups.


The National Guard Of The Republic of Uzbekistan Tashkent students of the “School of Temurbeklar”, the actors of the Uzbek state musical theater named after Muqimi, the people’s artist of Uzbekistan Mehri Bekhanova and the artist Mehmanali Salimov, who served in Uzbekistan, the Nihal dance floor of the Mirabad District music art school, its artistic leader Bagirova Natalia Vecheslavovna, teachers Ganieva Nodira Toxir Kizi, Mukhtarov Babur, Uzakov Abror, Kubryufina Kira, zulfiyakhonim followers studying, that is, Sherzodova Khulkar and Abdullayeva Ruxsoras helped closely with their performances.


Also in the organization of gargazma” Sharq ziyokori ” Publishing House, National Institute of Fine Arts and design named after Kamoliddin Bekhzad, the contribution of the members of the University “Mohir Eller” toggaragi was great.

In our country in the following years, a show of videos about the successes achieved in all areas, interesting quizzes aroused great interest in the students of the 1st year. Elevated mood shared. Evoking feelings of pride and pride, he further strengthened his feelings of confidence in the future, the future.

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