The Department of foreign languages (1) initiated

On the initiative of the Department of foreign languages (1), an event dedicated to the role and importance of the Constitution in our lives was held.


The event, organized within the framework of the twenty-eighth anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Department of foreign languages (1) and the Department of working with young people, spirituality and enlightenment, was attended by the orchestra of the National Guard Of The Republic of Uzbekistan “Damli cholgular”, the responsible staff of the


The participants were informed about the history of creation of the Constitution, its importance in restoring the democratic legal state and ensuring human interests, the people’s Republic of Uzbekistan, compliance with the norms of international law. Lectures on” Constitution – the guarantee of our rights and freedoms, prosperity“,” Constitution of Uzbekistan – a stable Constitution ” were heard.


– Our main body serves as an important legal basis for protection of human rights and freedoms, consistent liberalization and modernization of all spheres of public life, development of Education, Science, Culture and spirituality, – said podpolkovniki Asila Akhmedova, Investigative Department under the Ministry of internal affairs of Tashkent City. – In today’s event, a free conversation was held on the issues of ensuring the rights and freedoms of all citizens regardless of their nationality, language, religion and social origin, respect for our Constitution in the minds and hearts of young people, immunity to the fate of Vatan, strengthening the sense of responsibility in this document. It is the duty of each of us to raise their legal culture by integrating these ideas into our youth.

During the Tantanali meeting, the songs of the orchestra “wind instruments” of the specialized academic Lyceum of the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan were sounded.