Constitution-the foundation of democracy

Currently, almost all of the countries that exist on Earth have their own free policy, language, state symbols. But not all of them have their own constitution.

Of course, our happiness is that our country also has a constitution, which is mentioned among the national symbols. The Constitution of our state, which embodies the cherished wishes and great dreams of our great ancestors, such as the centuries-old Armenians, a free life, a prosperous society and the restoration of a just state, serves as a solid basis and table-tops for all the accepted laws and documents of the people.

On the occasion of the 28th anniversary of our Constitution, the Faculty of General Education held a big event called “Constitution-the foundation of democracy” on the basis of “foreign languages – 2″. At the event, the head of the Department of the Regional Department of the Chamber of Advokatlar of Tashkent City Amrullo Akhmedov and the Chief Specialist of the Department of quality control of education of Tuit Muzaffar Sobirov, and the Department of” foreign languages-2″.S.Mustayeva, teaching staff members and 1st year students took part in the event.

The essence of the content of the main encyclopaedia was mentioned about its importance in the management of the state and society. At the end of a meaningful round table, the students answered the questions of the students on the topic. Our student youth also demonstrated their knowledge of our Constitution and were rewarded with gifts.