JSC “uzaeronavigation” announces a competition for the recruitment of graduates

JSC “uzaeronavigation” announces a competition for the recruitment of graduates

The “uzaeronavigation” Center will announce the next competition of examinations at the Directorate of the DUK on August 10-12 of this year to consider the issue of hiring graduates of educational institutions in the specialty “air traffic management”.
This competition will be attended by specialists who are not younger than 19 years old, have the citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan, can freely communicate in Uzbek, Russian and English languages, have a higher education in the direction of “air traffic management”.
Note: if the applicant has a certificate of completion (Diploma)of a foreign higher education institution, a document confirming the nostrification of this foreign diploma with positive conclusions should also be provided.
The i-stage of the” candidate registration ” process will take place on August 10, 2022 from 09:00 to 16:30.
After the registration of graduates of educational institutions, they are included in the list of candidates for participation in the competition (the need to conduct this procedure is associated with the organization of all relevant documents, as well as selection planning).

Registration, the candidate must present the following documents to the secretary of the selection committee:

– Passport (copy);

– Diploma of completion of a country of knowledge with an assessment sheet (copy).

To apply: +99878 140 27 08