Dissertation councils

With the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan in order to create conditions for the protection of dissertations by young scientists of the Institute at Tashkent State University of transport, the councils for granting the following scientific degrees function of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) :

Council code PhD.28.06.2018.T.73.01

The scientific council can protect the scientific degree of the doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the following specialties:

05.08.02-railway and railway facilities

05.08.03-railway transporti exploitation

05.08.05-railway moving composition, traction and electrification of the train.

Specialty code: 05.08.02-railway and railway facilities

The formula of the specialty:” railway tracks and railway structures ” learns the theoretical foundations of the formation, development and reconstruction of the railway network, the research and design of its elements, including the creation of automated workplaces for the designer, the methods of designing, the preparation, construction, reconstruction of technological devices, production, maintenance, including exploitation, repair and reconstruction, methods of improving the upper and, interaction with objects of Industrial Infrastructure, other sectors of the economy, types of transport and their farms; environmental aspects of interaction with the environment and protection of the railway network from external influences.

Research areas:

the role and role of rail transport in the railway transporti system and its interaction with other sectors of the economy and transport;

the upper and lower structures of the railway track. The main parameters, directions of development, design, production. Railway maintenance and repair system. Production technology and work organization;

changes in the technical condition of the track are the legalities and its elements. Diagnostics of railway tracks. Criteria for assessing its technical condition. Monitor the observation of the situation. Equipment and systems management;

road machinery and other transport equipment for railway maintenance and repair;

methods of railway research, testing and modeling and the processes of its interaction with the moving content;

research in the area of safety of train movement;

operational reliability of the railway; environmental aspects and protection of the railway from external influences;

forming a network of Railways and separate polygons in it;

selection and justification of technical parameters of designed and reconstructed Railways;

interaction of the railway with the environment.

Specialty code: 05.08.03-use of railway transport

The formula of the specialty:” exploitation of railway transport ” analysis of the operation of transport processes and transport logistics systems, theoretical and practical methods of improving the normative documents in the management of the transport process, technical and technological solutions in the organization, including the automation of trains, the management of transport networks and their structural structures and objects, transport and information flows, management systems

Research areas:

planning, organizing and managing transport flows;

technology of transport processes;

development of transport network, its structures and linear enterprises;

interaction of different types of Transport, state cooperation in the organization of transport; transport expedition and service;

road safety methodologies and systems; automation and telemechanics systems designed to manage the transport process, their construction and testing methods;

management, standardization and certification of technical instruments, control systems and transport technological processes.

Specialty code: 05.08.05-moving composition of Railways, weighing and electrification of trains

The formula of the specialty:” moving composition of Railways, weighing and electrification of trains ” studies the theoretical bases and methods of increasing the reliability, quality and efficiency of its use, the scientific and technical problems of the current state and forecasting the structure of the movement and the development of the system of weighing trains, schemes and power supply, the development of Railways and

Research areas:

operational characteristics and parameters of the moving content, increasing their performance reliability and efficiency. Railway and Metro power supply systems. Methods and tools for reducing electrical losses;

development of maintenance systems, power supply devices and technologies for the use and repair of moving content, locomotives and parking spaces;

technical diagnostics of moving content and power supply systems. Criteria for assessing the moving composition of Railways and metropolises and the state of power supply systems. Automation systems for technical diagnostics of these objects;

improvement of moving content, weighing substations, weighing networks, including converters, objects, protective devices, power supply circuits. Improve the performance of moving content and power supply devices;

a new generation of mobile content and brake equipment that improves the safety of train movement and the permeability of Railways;

evaluation of dynamic and strength characteristics of moving content; testing of moving content;

calculation of traction and braking. Traction and braking qualities of moving content. Ensure movement safety of moving content;

equipment and systems for automation of locomotive management;

moving content and Road interaction. Systems, tools and materials that reduce the wear and tear of road elements and moving content and increase the safety of movement;

interaction of pantographs and electrical moving content and communication suspensions. Catalog hangers and pantograph systems, fixtures and materials that reduce the wear of the communication cable and increase the speed of movement;

electromagnetic compatibility of electrified railways and Metro with adjacent systems of automatic blocking, telemechanics and communication systems;

electromagnetic ecology. Misdirected flows and protection from them; supply of electricity to rail consumers without gravity; development of methods for automating the design, design of moving content and power supply devices.