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Double Diploma Studies – Information for Applicants

Tashkent State Transport University offers studies in Double Diploma System, which is carried out in cooperation with leading foreign universities, including from Russia, the Czech Republic and France. These studies allow the graduate to receive both a diploma from TSTU and a diploma from a foreign partner university. This significantly increases the chances of a graduate to get an attractive job, including outside of Uzbekistan. The Undergraduate program is conducted according to the 2+2 system, that is, two years in Tashkent and two years in another country (in some cases, 1+2). Education at the Master’s level is carried out according to the 1+1 system.


Enrollment for courses starting in the 2021/2022 academic year continues! You just need to send a copy of your passport and a document on previous education. We will contact you immediately and help you decide on further actions.


CZECH REPUBLIC (European Union). Vysoka Skola Logistiky.  

Bachelor degree:

  • “Transport Logistics” (DOL)
  • “Logistics in the service sector” (LOS)
  • “IT for Logistics” (IPL)

Master’s degree:

  • „Maintenance and management of logistics systems (LOG)

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BELARUS, Belarusian State Aviation Academy, Minsk.

Direction (bachelor):

  • “Aviation engineering – unmanned aerial complexes”.

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FRANCE. Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC).

Direction (bachelor):

  • “Flight operation of aircraft”.

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The coordination of the double degree is ensured by

Faculty of International Educational Programs



Mobile phone: +998 99 0679839

International Educational Programs Faculty

International Educational Programs Faculty of TSTU


Dean: Slawomir J. Wroblewski, PhD

Deputy Dean: DiIafruz Nabieva


Office 118. Building nr 5.


Mobile phone: +998 99 0679839


International Educational Programs Faculty of TSTU brings new insights to research, teaching as well as to the ethos of university. International Educational Programs Faculty is actively integrated into the policy of internationalisation of the entire university in cooperation with all deans and heads of departments.


Main activities of International Educational Programs Faculty:

  • Double Diploma Studies coordination and implementation
  • Preparation of teaching programs in cooperation with thematic departments
  • Supervision of the course of studies by students admitted to Doble Diploma Studies
  • Collaboration on a specific research projects
  • Public lectures of international scholars
  • Introducing international norms of HEI, exposing the host institution and local academic community to new perspectives and generally increasing diversity.



International Educational Programs Faculty

Tashkent State Transport University

Tashkent, Mirabad district, Odilhodjaev street, Building 1


Mobile phone: +998 99 0679839