University Museum

The museum was organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Tashkent Institute of railway engineers. The founder and carrier of the museum was the rector of the Institute in 1973-1981, Odilkhojayev Eshon Agzamovich. Teacher of the Department” graphics ” Ivanov V.I. led by.

In 2001, the museum was reconstructed and enriched with exhibits for the first time, the Department of “graphics” mudiri, professor Akbarov Azim Akbarovich had a great service. The museum was renovated for the second time in connection with the 80 anniversary of the Institute.

On the upper floor of the museum are the achievements of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the sphere of education in the years of independence, the way of passing the Datk “Uzbek railways”, as well as The Life Of The Tashkent Railway Engineers Institute in the years of independence. On the lower floor of the museum there is a section of faculties reflecting the activity of the Institute until 2011.