Educational polygon


Transportation in the teaching of subjects in higher educational institutions, as a rule, it is planned to conduct a number of practical and laboratory work. The performance of practical and laboratory work is an organizational part of the students educational process. The main purpose of practical and laboratory work is the expansion, deepening and strengthening of special theoretical knowledge, as well as the acquisition of practical skills in the implementation of the most complex or most exemplary technological processes in the repair of locomotives. For this purpose, the institute has a training ground.A number of practical and laboratory works are carried out in the fields of “locomotives and locomotive management”, “electricity transporti and high-speed electric movement mode”, “wagons and wagon management”, “transport logistics and service”, “automation and telemechanics in railway transport”, “railway power supply”, “bridges and tunnels” and “railway construction, road and Road Management”.

The stretchable conductors, wagons and wheel pairs available in the Polygon are designed to cover a wide range of practical topics and serve to provide students with a solid assimilation.


  • to study the construction of various transmission lines of electroplates and perform laboratory and practical work on the subjects of “structure and dynamics of the mechanical part of the electric trainporti”, “operation and repair of the electrical circuit” and “technical inspection and reliability of the electrical circuit”, there are models of electroplates GMB (wheel motor block), wheel pairs and telescopes of.
  • laboratory and practical work is carried out on the subjects of contact network (three intermediate), contact network anchoring device, anchor supports, anchors with a hammer, supports with a console, komplekt transformer punk, longitudinal power supply Air Line “contact network”, “construction and installation of power supply devices” and “non-residential consumer power supply”.
  • there are wheel-motor blocks of cargo and maneuvering trolleys, teplovozes and electrovozes to study the construction of various types of locomotives and perform laboratory work on the subject of “structure and design of locomotives”. Also, with the help of equipment available in the landfill, laboratory work is carried out on the detection of possible malfunctions on the part of the crew on the subject “basics of technical rendering to locomotives”.
  • to study the construction of different series of wagons and carry out laboratory work on the subject of “structure and design of wagons”, it is necessary to study the structure of different series of wagons (ramasi with autosepkasi, with a trolley and brake equipment) and the simulator of the passenger car (1/3 part of the body, with a trolley, with an autosepkasi), pairs of wheels,
  • The passenger wagon simulator, as well as the air-conditioning equipment constructor and allows you to carry out laboratory work on the subject of “Wagon cooling system” in order to learn the principle of operation.
  • Laboratory and practical work on the subject of “safety and braking”, as well as for the study of the main components and details in the brake equipment, a stand for testing the motorbike, a stand for the management of brakes (assembled), two-chamber reservoir of air intake № 295, electrohydrauler № 305-000, R17 combination Eng, composite brake pads, air intake № 292, Crane, the trunk and head part of the triangel № 536 air traffic controller № 483, the Polygon has a brake control unit.
  • They will get acquainted with various distance meters, theodolite and nivelors of different categories, Geodetic instruments such as electronic tachometers, they will study the methods of preparing them for work, checking and, if necessary, correction, they will get acquainted with the methods of geodetic surveying, which will be carried out during the construction and further use of the facility, and will have practical skills. At the same time, they perform work on the calculation of the results of geodetic surveying, the formation of horizontal and height scales of the terrain, Land cross sections.
  • In the process of carrying out laboratory work on the subjects of” repair and maintenance of railway tracks“,” development and automation of the technology of road works“,” railway tracks“,” technical use guidelines and safety of train traffic“,” Metrology, standardization and quality control”, students will learn the main methods of assessing the technical condition of railway construction. At the same time, the main attention is paid to the requirements of the main normative documents on ensuring safety in the movement of trains of the road economy of JSC “Uzbek Railways”. Students acquire practical skills in measuring the technical condition of the railway track Komplex, using a variety of special measuring instruments available in the production of training polygons.
  • In the subjects of” introduction to the specialty“,” Telemechanics of arrows and signals“,” automatics and telemechanics in railway transport“,” automatics, telemechanics and communication”, the structure and principle of operation of electric power management of arrows, the structure and principles of maneuver traffic light and operation are studied.

Training poligonida in the research of railway automation and telemechanics Microelectronics devices developed in the scientific research laboratory “SSB and communication” are used devices in the Polygon.

It will also serve as a training ground for vocational orientation of applicants.