International cooperation

The main tasks of the department of international cooperation are:

  • Expansion and strengthening of international relations of the University;
  • Interaction with foreign partner universities;
  • Ensuring the successful implementation of international projects implemented at the University;
  • Invitation and greeting of foreign partners and delegations in the field at the university;
  • Maintain contact with professors and teachers of leading foreign universities and involve them in the educational and scientific work of the university;
  • Working with foreign students studying at the university, providing them with regular consultations, assistance in preparing the necessary documents;
  • Assist the University in preparing the necessary documents for the employment and training of foreign citizens and keep in touch with them;
  • Assist university staff in preparing the necessary documents for business trips abroad and keep in touch with them during the business trip;
  • Ensuring the participation of university students in academic mobility programs in foreign universities;
  • Provide information about the international relations of the University to relevant organizations;
  • Organize seminars and round tables for university faculty, staff and students based on project analysis;
  • Review, analyze and recommend agreements, contracts and protocols of the University with foreign partners. Coordination of documents with relevant organizations as necessary;
  • Conducting seminars, manuals and scientific-practical conferences on educational priorities in cooperation with embassies and international educational organizations and foundations operating in Uzbekistan;
  • Recommend university professors, students, graduate students and interns-researchers for the competition for grants announced by foreign partners for internships, training, participation in advanced training courses, master’s and doctoral studies;
  • Collection and dissemination of information about announced international grants and assistance to university departments in the development of projects, as well as direct participation in the implementation of projects;
  • Collect and disseminate among teachers information about international events, conferences, seminars. Spread the word about university conferences and help update the university website.

Head of International Cooperation Department: Khakimov Masumkhon Lukmonovich

Reception days: Monday and Friday from 10:00 to 13:00