In accordance with Article 19 of the law on education in the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted in 1997, the document confirming the qualification of graduates of the TSTU (TTYMI) is submitted after the protection of Graduation qualification works and passing state attestation.

Recruitment of specialists is carried out in accordance with the “regulations on the procedure of targeted training of personnel on the basis of state grants” and the orders of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on the provision of employment and placement of graduates”.

In order to familiarize graduates with the activities of enterprises in the railway system and to attract them to work on railways, in March-April each year, meetings will be held between the students studying at the TSTU (TTYMI)and the heads of departments, enterprises and regional railway lines of JSC “Uzbek Railways”. Also, meetings will be held with the heads of”Uzbekkomir ” JSC, Almalyk mining and metallurgical combinat, Tashkent Metropolitan. Meetings are formalized with the relevant statements.

The employment of graduates of TSTU (TTYMI) (young specialists) to enterprises is carried out in April of each year in accordance with the order letter of the management of JSC “Uzbek railways” and in agreement with the management and Personnel Training Department of JSC Oty.

Schedule of the educational process at the faculties

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