Second and subsequent higher education


To the attention of students returning from Ukraine!

Documents of applicants applying for transfer of education to Tashkent State transport University from April 26, 2022, the acceptance of the application at the university admissions committee began.

We ask you to come and submit the documents.

Reception of documents will continue on April 27 at 14:00 in the 260th audience.

Note to applicants!

In the future, applicants and students admitted to the University in the areas of education related to the features of labor activity and educational practice, traffic and ensuring the safety of human life in the direction of rail transport at the specialized medical commission established at the Central Railway polyclinics of the Joint-Stock Company”Uzbek Railways”, as well as, in the direction of air traffic control “Uzbekistan Airports” the procedure for examination is established at the doctor-pilot expert commission of the medical and sanitary Department of the Joint-Stock Company.

Order of admission

Order of admission

Qabul nizomi

Test Day

For applicants who applied for the second and subsequent higher education, the day of the test was set

Applicants must come to the Test 30 minutes before the exam by taking an identity passport or ID card with them‼️
⛔️Sinovlarga kech qolganlar kiritilmaydi‼️

Address: Tashkent City, Mirabad District, 1 Railway Street, Transport University, main building, educational hall named after Maqsud Sheikhzadeh.
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Online exam tracking

The exams will take place in the test form on September 25-26

Online exam tracking

Admission quotas

Admission quotas “admission-2022” for second and subsequent higher education

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Additional information

Additional information

1) for admission to the second and subsequent higher education, applicants annually register from July 10 to August 10 (even on this day) through a special electronic system developed by the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

2) The following documents must be uploaded to a special electronic system when registering applicants:
– a copy of the document on higher education (or an extract from the diploma for those who graduated from higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of a state grant);
– appendix copy of the document on higher education.

3) admission to the second and subsequent higher education in accordance with the complex of disciplines in which a Test Test is taken in accordance with the directions of undergraduate education in the form of a test Test (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, etc.k) takes place

4) in the 2022/2023 academic year, students enrolled in the correspondence form on the basis of the second and subsequent higher education are admitted to the credit-module system.

5) for students enrolled in a part-time form on the basis of the second and subsequent higher education, the training course begins with the 2nd year of the undergraduate education direction, regardless of the difference in subjects in the curriculum.

Passing points

The final results of the entrance to the second and subsequent higher education, taking into account additional testing tests, were confirmed!

* Payment-it is possible to receive contracts after confirmation of payment amounts!

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