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About the Student Self-Government Council

 Nazira Nurmurodovna Olimova

On January 25, 2021, the Student Self-Government Council (hereinafter referred to as the Student Council) was established at the University as a collegial representative body of the University Student Self-Government. The Student Council was established to take into account the views of students on management issues and to adopt local regulations of the university, which affect the rights and legitimate interests of students, as well as to develop social activism of students, support and implement their social initiatives.
According to the results of the elections held on December 5, 2020 at the University, Nazira Nurmurodovna Olimova was elected President of the Student Self-Government Council.
The Student Council is represented by the President of the Student Council, moderators of 8 faculties and 3 department managers.

The structure covers 3 main sections and 5 directions:

  • Department of Student Orientation
  • Organizational Control Department
  • Media and Press Department

You can get all the information through the charter of the Student Self-Government Council: https://t.me/TK_TDTrU/600

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