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An educated woman is the future of the country

An educated woman is the future of the country

         It is no coincidence that the culture of any nation is determined by its attitude towards women. Since time immemorial, our ancestors have respected women and their dignity. Independence has created an excellent opportunity for the women of our country to take a more active part in the development of society. The woman of today again amazes the world with her knowledge, talent and extraordinary energy.

       The teaching profession is the most respected and respected profession in the world, a blessed profession that brings kindness and perfection to hearts. Our teachers not only educate and educate young people, but also lead them to excellence. The services of teachers are invaluable in laying the foundation for the future of each person. At the same time, it should be noted that in recent years our women have made great strides in conquering the heights of science.

      A total of 223 women professors and lecturers at Tashkent State Transport University teach and educate young people at the university. 69 of them are senior teachers.


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