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Co-working is the door to new opportunities

Co-working is the door to new opportunities

     On June 30, 2020, a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Tashkent State Transport University was held with the participation of the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Tashkent State Transport University A.Zh. Ramatov. Minister of Transport I. Makhkamov proposed to create Street Workout sites, Co-working centers, scientific and technical libraries, as well as a Book Cafe, media and recording studios on the territory of the University to improve the quality of education and organize full-fledged leisure for students. According to the statement of this meeting, the creation of favorable conditions for teachers and students of the university, the development of the material and technical base, as well as the organization of innovative educational processes is a prerequisite for supporting the initiative students of our university. To create conditions in the new academic year, a COWORKING center will be created at the Tashkent State Transport University.

Now students who wish to participate in project activities or research have an alternative office where they can obtain the necessary literature and research articles. The center is equipped with transformable furniture, presentation equipment, blackboards and workstations that serve for the convenience of students. In addition, the center is equipped with modern computers and the Internet, thanks to which students can study foreign scientific articles and experience of enterprises in their field.

Note: The center was created to develop and support innovative ideas and projects of students of our university. In future, it is planned to sign a number of agreements on cooperation in the development of innovative and business projects through the activities of the center.


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