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Department of commercialization of scientific and innovative developments

Department of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan on May 7, 2018

Resolution № PP-3698 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan

It was founded in 2018 on the basis of the resolution of the number 24 in 12 Yanvar.

The main purpose of the department is to ensure the implementation of the state policy in the field of science, educational production integration, and innovation development in accordance with the strategic programs of technical development of National Science, business strategies, technologies and prospects, innovative achievements, commercialization, effective transfer or implementation to the network of financial and real sectors of the University.

In turn, the department conducts “The Innovation Fund of Tashkent State transport University”.

The main directions of the department are as follows:

– study the demand for Innovative Products (business services) and analyze the market systematically, the period of reimbursement of expenses associated with the commercialization of innovative products, profitability and risk assessment;

– selection for mastering promising projects with high commercial capacity and ready to implement;

– attract investors, partners and other persons interested in the implementation of innovative projects;

– establish relations with industrial enterprises for the purpose of introducing new technologies and producing innovative products;

– scientific articles published by professors and academic staff of the University, promotion of created intellectual property objects;

– to establish in-depth contacts with real sector enterprises of the economy in the financing of scientific research, including scientific-practical and innovative projects, as well as in the implementation of works;

The main tasks of the department are as follows:

– preparation and registration of applications for the implementation of legal protection of intellectual property of the University, Patent and registration of intellectual property objects in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad;

– coordination of the implementation of the scientific research work provided by the university to the professors and teachers, teaching assistants and production staff, doctoral students and students, as well as to the clients of the University, financed from the budget and extra-budgetary resources in accordance with the established procedure;

– preparation, conclusion, and control of the implementation of contracts with the authors of real estate objects provided for in the current legislation;

– to study the possibility of transfer of rights to property objects of the university together with other departments to carry out works on the transfer of rights to property objects of the University;

– collection, storage of information, and introduction of information on the development of higher education institutions and the results of scientific research activities into the University database, implementation of measures to improve the efficiency of using the results of the activities;

– Evaluation of scientific, technical, scientific methodological, and innovation opportunities of the results of ITF and innovation projects;

– intellect develops recommendations for the management of public property, from this sentence takes into account the rights of the results of the ITF at all stages of the innovation period and transfer.

– support the scientific community of the university to create and promote competitive Science Technical Products, in particular, to ensure the targeted spending of innovative savings for the practical application of the results of scientific activities;

– providing consulting services on mastering technologies, preparation of business plans for innovative projects, competitive advantage and risk assessment, legal protection of ITF results, salahatli investors;

– scientific research and experience-construction, execution of contract works, preparation of contracts on international scientific and technical cooperation and other agreements concluded by the University on property issues, control over them.

– to determine the wrong use of university property and to make proposals to the management on prevention of the mentioned violations and compensation of damages, to implement the necessary measures to eliminate these violations;

– protection of property, property rights, as well as property and personal non-property rights of authors of the University;

– to give legal advice to the university staff to the authors of real estate objects in the implementation of their property and non–property rights, including the rights and privileges provided for in the current legislation;

– Organization of education among university staff in the field of public property;

– coordination of activities of the University Information Resource Center on regulatory, methodological, and patent, information in the direction of its activities;

– preparation of proposals for the support of the university budget project, innovative entrepreneurship, and technology transfer in the Departments of inventive and patent licensing activities;

– development of documents regulating the issues related to the creation, protection, and use of university property facilities.

Head of Department: Kandakharov Sanjar Ishratovich

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