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Department of organization of research activities of gifted students

It is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education” and the National Training Program, which defines the procedure for searching for and identifying talented students, as well as forms and methods of targeted work with them.

Talented youth is an important factor in the social and economic development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its worthy place in the world community, as well as the beauty of the nation.

Gifted students are identified through special psychological and pedagogical tests. They are characterized by such qualities as purposefulness, perseverance and diligence, as well as a desire to engage in creative activities.

The main purpose of search, identification and targeted training of talented students is to train the intellectual elite that develops the scientific and creative potential of the republic and to demonstrate and develop their natural abilities in this area to highly talented people in relevant fields of knowledge and science. , is to create opportunities for them to realize their unique talent.

Targeted training tasks for gifted students:

  • pay special attention to the development of the intellectual potential of gifted students;
  • involvement of qualified professors and teachers in individual work with gifted students;
  • wide involvement of gifted students in research work on priority areas of scientific development;
  • formation of the Republican Bank and monitoring of gifted students;
  • development of special curricula and advanced pedagogical technologies;
  • training of qualified, well-rounded personnel who meet the requirements of customers.


The search for talented students in higher education is carried out in the process of career guidance from the first days of study.

Talented students are determined by the level of development of their abilities through psychological and pedagogical tests, taking into account the basic knowledge.

Targeted preparation of the identified gifted student consists of the following educational, creative, pedagogical issues and directions:

  • to have additional skills to study in the extended curriculum (in the chosen field: translator from a
  • foreign language; computer programmer; teacher of a professional college, etc.);
  • individual training according to the target program;
  • in-depth training (fundamental sciences; general sciences: management, marketing, auditing; legal sciences; ecology, etc.);
  • Based on the requirements of the customers, the university can determine the professional direction of gifted students, additional areas of educational, creative and educational training, and the introduction of educational services.

Targeted training programs for gifted students include the following factors:

  • high level of mastery of sciences;
  • computer literacy and programming;
  • thorough knowledge of one of the foreign languages;
  • effective use of computers and foreign languages in writing course and graduation theses and master’s dissertations;
  • independent thinking, expression of new ideas and opinions in the process of scientific and creative
  • work, implementation in practice;
  • focus on independent learning in the field and develop the skills of rapid acquisition of innovations in science;


Talented students are taught by professors who have an academic degree and sufficient knowledge of the targeted student training program.

Talented students are appointed as supervisors, professors and associate professors with experience in creative and methodological work, with a high rating of teaching and research activities.

The main responsibilities of the supervisors of gifted students:

  • development and implementation of targeted training programs for gifted students;
  • to study the best practices of leading foreign countries in working with gifted students and apply them in their work;
  • widespread use of new pedagogical technologies, computer technology and video and audio techniques in the educational process.
  • make suggestions for financial and moral incentives for gifted students who successfully complete the targeted program.


  • organization of search and identification of gifted students; – Regularly identify the intellectual potential of gifted students;
  • to organize targeted training of gifted students according to their inclinations;
  • to organize classes in order to master foreign languages and computers;
  • organizing involvement in fundamental research, scientific circles and author communities;
  • assisting gifted students in publishing their research papers and putting their research and development into practice;
  • to ensure the participation of gifted students in national and international scientific conferences, as well as to send them to study and internships abroad;
  • special training of candidates for state scholarships of the Republic of Uzbekistan from talented students;
  • organization of meetings of gifted students with scientists and managers, heads of industrial enterprises and senior specialists;
  • organizing professional games for gifted students;
  • conduct regular sociological research among gifted students;
  • marketing research, in-depth study of customer requirements and assistance to gifted students in choosing the subjects that determine the market situation on the basis of the bank of educational services;
  • creating conditions for the use of modern information systems.

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