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Faculty of Automotive engineering

About department

In 1972, The Tashkent automobile and Road Institute was established and at the same time the “auto transport faculty was established. Starting from this period at the faculty, engineers in the direction of “cars and automobile management” began to be trained. The first dean of the faculty t.the f.what? the dos. A.M.Bagdasarov (1972…1974 year.). The faculty was headed by the following during various years. T.the f.what? the dos. H.M. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia..1979 century.), t.the f.what? the dos. N.Y.N.Y.Mannanov (1979 …1984 yy.), t.the f.what? the dos. G.N.Y. Makhmudov (1984…. 1999 year.), t.the f.what? the dos. B. Kamildjanov (1999…2008 yy.), t.the f.what? the dos. G.N.Y. Makhmudov (2008…. 2010 yy.), t.the f.what?, dos. RM.Zire ” lost in Test match..2016 yy.), Z.T. Report this website..2018 yy.), Phd K.Z. Ziyaev (2018…2019 yy.), A.G. Igramav (2019…The year 2020.), From August 2020 the dean of the Faculty served B.D. Ibrahimov is doing.

By the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 26.08.2016 “on measures to improve the training of personnel in the field of design, construction and exploitation of highways”PP-2580 “the institute was reorganized under the name” Tashkent Institute of highway design, construction and exploitation ” and the structure of the institute was approved. According to the approved structure, the faculties of “vehicle exploitation”, “land transport systems” and “management of transport and transport communications” were merged and organized under the name of “vehicle exploitation and transport systems faculty”.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the name of the faculty was changed to “road construction machinery and vehicle operation”.

According to the organizational structure of the faculties and departments of the Tashkent State transport University, which was newly established by the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 04.05.2020 PP-4703 “on measures to radically improve the system of Personnel Training in the field of transport”, the faculty was called the Faculty of “automotive engineering”.

Currently, graduates of the faculty work in the leadership positions of many road enterprises and auto transport network enterprises. The phrase “Uzavtosanoat” JSC and its dealer centers, as well as private enterprises of a number of large industries ” includes enterprises of Navoi and Almalik mining and metallurgical combinat enterprises of the Ministry of transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan and enterprises of automobile roads under it.  The faculty cooperates with foreign higher educational institutions, which have developed in the training of highly qualified personnel, the formation of scientific-research works.

To this day more than 100 textbooks and manuals, many methodical manuals, more than 500 patents and author’s certificates and about 100 monographs have been published by professors and teachers of the faculty.

Currently, 968 undergraduate students and more than 100 masters are studying at the faculty.

Faculty departaments

Bachelor directions

5313100      Transporti the exploitation of cars, road-building machinery and equipment
5620600    Car service
5630100     Ecology and Environmental Protection
5310900     Metrologiya, standartlashtirish va mahsulot sifati menejmenti

Magister’s directions

5A310605       Testing and use of internal combustion engines
5A310601        Terrestrial vehicles and systems (by vehicle transporti, by specialized vehicles, by road construction machinery and equipment)
5A610101         Services sector (car transporti)
5A310607       Testing of motor vehicles
5A310604       Cars and automotive industry

Faculty administration

Ibragimov Botir Dostonovich

Decan of the faculty

Alimov Muzaffar Ruzimahamatovich

Yoshlar bilan ishlash bo’yicha dekan o’rinbosari

Utashev Kuldash Hapizovich

O’quv ishlari bo’yicha dekan o’rinbosari

Usmonov Zafar Tursunovich

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Ulashov Jonibek Zaynitdinovich

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