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Faculty of Aviation transport engineering

About faculty

The Faculty of aviation engineering is included in the structure of Tashkent State Transport University in accordance with the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on measures to radically improve the personnel training system in the field of transport”PP-4703 dated May 04, 2020.
The Faculty of aviation engineering prepares specialists for the field of Aviation of Uzbekistan. The faculty was founded in 1956 at Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. Aircraft during its activities (1956 y.), Aviation and Civil Aviation of Tashkent State Aviation Institute (1995).), Tashkent State Technical University (2008)) operating with names. In 2016, he graduated from the faculty and worked at other faculties. Since February 2019, the activity of the Faculty of Aerospace Technologies has been restored. Over the past 60 years, our republic has trained more than 40 thousand highly qualified personnel in the field of aviation.
The faculty consists of the following departments: Aviation Engineering, Aeronautical Systems.
Bakalavriats are prepared in the following directions:
– 5310400-technical use of aircraft;
– 5620200-air motion control;
– 5314000-aircraft;
– 5314100-applied universe technologies;
– 5314200-technical and technological exploitation of unmanned aerial vehicles;
– 5313900-design and operation of drones;
– 5314000-Aviation Engineering.
Also, master’s specialties:
– 5A310455-technical use of aircraft and aviadvigatels;
– 5A620200 – air traffic control and aeronautics;
– 5a310403-technical use of aviation electrical systems of pilot and navigation complexes;
– 5A314100-Applied Space Technology.
The main applicants of the graduates of the faculty are Uzbekistan airways, Uzbekistan airways Technologies Limited Liability Company, Uzbekistan Airways axial society, Tashkent mechanical plant axial society, Chirchik aviation repair plant State Enterprise, Uzaeronavigasiya Center State Enterprise and others.
Many leaders in the field of aviation transporti engineering faculty are cooperating with foreign universities. Among these, Moscow State Civil Aviation Technical University (Russia), Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) (Russia), Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute (Russia), National Aviation University (Ukraine), Berlin Technical University (Germany), National School of Civil Aviation (France), La Sapiensa Roman University (Italy), Konkun University (South Korea) and others.

Faculty department

Bachelor degree directions

5310400      Technical exploitation of aircraft
5314000      Aircraft
5314200      Technical and technological exploitation of unmanned aviation equipment
5314000      Aviation Engineering (Aircraft Engineering)
5314000      Aviation Engineering (unmanned aircraft aviation complexes)
5313900       Design and operation of drones
5620200     Air traffic control
5314100       Applied universe technologies

Magistr’s degree directions

5a310405      Use of aircraft and aviation engines
5A620201      Air Traffic Control and aeronautics
5A314101        Applied cosmos technologists
5A310403      Technical use of aviation electrical systems of pilot and navigation complexes

Faculty administration

Rikhsiyev Dilmurod Khodzhiakbarovich

PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in Technics Sciences

Dean of the faculty

Abdurashidov Qobil Mo’minovich

Dean of Educational Affairs

Maturazov Izzat Soliyevich

Dean’s place in working with young people