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Faculty of construction

About faculty

According to the decision of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on measures to radically improve the system of Personnel Training in the transport sector”dated May 4, 2020, Tashkent State transport University on the basis of the Faculty of aviakosmic technologies of Tashkent State Technical University, Tashkent railway engineers and Tashkent Institutes of highway design, construction and exploitation began its activity from

The Faculty of “construction” of the Tashkent Institute of railway engineers began its activity in 1931. In 1934, 75 graduates graduated from the faculty for the first time.

In 1932, “road and railway construction”, “construction mechanics” and “geodesy” specialties were attached to the Faculty of construction and specialists in the following directions were prepared by them bakalavritura and magistracy:

5340200-construction of buildings and structures (railway buildings),

5340200-construction of buildings and structures (Railways),

5340400-construction and installation of engineering communications (water supply and sewerage systems on the railway),

5340600-exploitation of transport facilities (railways),

5340600-exploitation of transport facilities (bridges and tunnels),

5A340201-construction of buildings and structures (transport buildings and structures),

5A340401-engineering communication systems, construction and installation (water supply and sewerage in transport enterprises and housing and Communal Systems),

5A340602-exploitation of transport facilities (bridges and tunnels).

To date, more than 250 textbooks and manuals, many methodical manuals, more than 200 patents and author’s certificates and about 200 monographs have been published by the Faculty of construction.

Professors in writing textbooks and manuals. A. I. Zire ” Lost In Test MatchHeZire ” Lost In Test MatchS.Sadigov, A.A.Ikhodzhaev, Z.H.Saidov, A.Kadirova, A.F. Shokhidov and others made a huge contribution to their

At present, more than 2400 students are studying at the faculty.

Faculty departments

  • Construction of buildings and industrial structures
  • Railway engineering
  • Engineering communications and systems
  • Bridges and tonnels

Faculty departments

Bachelor directions

5340400    Construction and installation of engineering communications (water supply and sewerage systems on railway tracks)

5340200    Construction of buildings and structures (transport buildings)

Faculty administration