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Faculty of Economics

About faculty

Other sectors of the Transport nation – economy since the 1960s increased a great demand for Economist specialists. In 1965, the rector of the Institute M.F. Prasolov and M.N.Y. Under the leadership of Belenky, a new Faculty of Engineering and economics was established. Doctor of economic sciences, professor of the newly formed faculty
M.N.Y. Dean and dean of the Faculty of Belenky, candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor M.N.Y. Adilov was appointed.

In 1989, the Faculty of engineering and economics was part of the Faculty of” Transportation Management”, in 1998 it was again separated as an independent faculty and is now called the Faculty of Economics.

There are three successful activities in the faculty. They are specialized specialists in” economy“,” accounting “and” Information Systems in Accounting”.

About 80 professors and teachers are working in these centers and their
More than 57 percent of them have a scientific title and degree, are mature pedagogical scientists.
The faculty is preparing master’s degrees in six directions “Economics”, “Management” (railway transport), “Marketing” (railway transport), “accounting and audit” (railway transport), “information and information technologies” (railway transport), organization and management of production (automobile transport) and “network economy”. The number of students studying is close to 600.

Over the past years, the faculty has been training specialists in the fields of Economics and management, finance and accounting, transportation construction, material and Technical Supply and labor economics, organization and planning of transport work, design, creation and use of new information technologies.

With the resolution of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on measures to radically improve the system of Personnel Training in the TRANSPORT sector” PP-4703, the Republic will radically improve the system of training highly qualified personnel for the transport sector on the basis of advanced foreign experience and international standards, innovative forms and methods of training in the educational process,, Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the purpose of strengthening the material and technical base of sectoral educational institutions and further increasing its scientific potential,
Tashkent Institute of railway engineers of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education and the Society of “Uzbek Railways” aksiyadorlik, Tashkent automobile roads design, construction and
Tashkent State transport University was established on the basis of the Institute of exploitation and the Faculty of Avi-Cosmic Technologies of Tashkent State Technical University.

In addition to the team of the Faculty of economics of the Tashkent State transport University, the JSC “Uzbek railways” and the training of mature specialists for the state branch of highways of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the JSC “Uzbek railways” and the JSC “Uztemiryo’lmashtahmir” UK, the JSC “Tashkent passenger car repair and construction plant”, the JSC “Uztemiryo’luc”, the JSC “Avtoyoltahmir” OK, In the direction of scientific research with” Highway “UK,” Trans-road ” Dok and a number of other systems, it has established wide-ranging contacts, within the framework of which the leading professors and teachers carry out bilateral beneficial scientific researches aimed at solving economic problems inherent in the production of these systems. In particular, according to the orders of the units of this system, scientific research is carried out in the practical, fundamental and innovative direction, which leads to the improvement of the organization of the work of these systems, further improvement of their economic indicators and financial results of their activities.

Professors, teachers and students of the faculty improve their research work on the account of new directions such as rational and effective management of transport resources, assessment of the costs of transport infrastructure in the new conditions of Economic Conduct, as well as coverage and scope.

The faculty has developed methodological guidelines for lecture texts, educational and working programs, practice sessions, course project work, all kinds of practices, Qualification Graduation works and master’s dissertations for more than 80 subjects that students learn.

In the educational process, advanced pedagogical technologies, interactive educational methods are widely used. Independent and course project work, graduation is carried out using a wide range of information technology tools in the performance of qualification work.

The activity of the faculty is aimed at becoming the center of training of mature economic and financial personnel for the transport infrastructure of the Republic and providing the labor market of the sector with qualified specialists.

Bachelor degree stage directions

5330200     Transportda axborot tizimlari va texnologiyalari
5230000     Buxgalteriya hisobi
5230100      Iqtisodiyot
5230200     Menejment
5230400     Marketing
5232900     Ishlab chiqarishni tashkil etish va boshqarish

Directions of the master's degree

5А330204     Axborot tizimlari (tarmoqlar bo’yicha)
5А230901      Buxgalteriya hisobi (tarmoqlar va sohalar bo’yicha)
5А230102      Iqtisodiyot (tarmoqlar va sohalar bo’yicha)

Faculty administration

Masharipov Ma’sud Nu’monjonovich

Doctor of philosophy in technical sciences (Phd)

Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Ozatbekov Yusupxon Farhod o’g’li

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Economics