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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and computer engineering

About faculty

In order to radically improve the system of training highly qualified personnel for the transport sector of the Republic on the basis of advanced foreign experience and international standards, to introduce innovative forms and methods of training in the educational process, as well as modern pedagogical and information technologies, as well as to strengthen the material and technical base of Network Educational, Tashkent State transport University was established on the basis of the decision of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on measures to radically improve the system of Personnel Training in the Transport sector”adopted on 04.05.2020. The structure of the university was reorganized and several new faculties were established. The Faculty of” Electrotechnics and Computer Engineering ” is also a newly established faculty, candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.A.Ruzmetov was appointed dean of the faculty.

There are four successful activities in the faculty. These are the training courses of specialists specializing in” automation and telemechanics“,” power supply“,” Electrotechnics “and” electronic devices and systems”, about 60 professors and teachers are working in these courses, more than 43 percent of them have scientific titles and degrees, are qualified pedagogical scientists. The faculty is preparing master’s degrees in the fields of “automation and management of technological processes and production”, “electrical energy”, “electrical engineering, electrical mechanics and electrical technologies” and “radio electronic devices and systems”, “automation and telemechanics in railway transport”, “radio electronic devices and systems” and “power supply” for the railway and other spheres of the economy of our republic. The number of students studying is more than 1000.

Financial support provided by JSC” Uzbek Railways ” is provided to the evaziy, educational laboratories at the faculty are equipped in a modern way and brought to the level that meets all the requirements for the training of specialists from all directions. Currently, the main emphasis of the faculty’s professors is on Radio electronic devices and systems; automation and management of technological processes and production; electrical engineering, electrical mechanics and electrical technologies; Specialists preparing for the directions of electric power engineering are aimed at further improving the “quality”. For this purpose, the faculty has developed methodological guidelines for lecture texts, educational and working programs, practice sessions, course project work, all kinds of practices, Qualification Graduation works and master’s dissertations for more than 80 subjects studied by students. In the educational process, advanced pedagogical technologies, interactive educational methods are widely used. Independent and course project work, graduation is carried out using a wide range of information technology tools in the performance of qualification work. The activity of the faculty is aimed at becoming a center of training of mature personnel for the railway and providing the labor market of the sector with qualified specialists.

Faculty departments

Bachelor degree

5350700    “Electronic devices and systems (railway)”
5310200      Electrical power engineering (by sectors)
5310700     Electrical engineering, electrical mechanics and Electrical Technology (Railway transporti)
5311000      Automation and management of technological processes and production (railway)

Magistr’s degree

5A350701     “Electronic devices and systems (railway)”
5A310201       Power supply (by sectors)
5A311002       Automation and telemechanics in railway transport

Faculty administration

Ruzmetov Yadgor Ozodovich


Decan of faculty

Boltayev Otabek Tashmukhammatovich

Doctor of philosophy in technical sciences (PhD), docent

Dean of Educational Affairs