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Faculty of Transportation Systems Management

About faculty

Faculty was founded in 1931 with the Tashkent Institute of railway engineers in the same time and until 1983 was named “Temig use”, from 1983 to September 1 was named “the head of the transport process on Temig road”, from the addition of “automatics, telemechanics and Communication” College Song “named” automated system of management of temig road work”.

Since 2005, during the final third stage of the national program of Personnel Training, it is necessary to improve and further develop the system of Personnel Training in accordance with the prospects of socio-economic development of the country on the basis of analysis and generalization of experience gained from higher educational institutions.

Over the past period, a lot of work has been done on the implementation of the national program of Personnel Training at the institute: the material and technical base of the institute has been developed, many textbooks and training materials that meet the requirements of State educational standards have been created, new, unconventional methods of training have begun jori ethila. At the same time, there was a discrepancy between the management system of the Institute and the requirements for specialists at the present time. Interruptions in the daytime departments and correspondence departments of bakalavriat, as well as in the requirements for Master’s students became known. Correspondence the dean of the faculty and the center of the magistracy can not cover all correspondence administration jismonan therefore the provision of educational-methodical literature for correspondence department and master’s requirements, attention to the quality of teaching is slowed.

In order to eliminate the shortcomings and fulfill the order of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 13, 2005 № 21, in accordance with the order of the rector of the Institute dated February 9, 2005 № 104, correspondence Department and master’s students were included in the college and began to be called Since 2011, the college has been referred to under the name of” transport transportation and logistics”.

From 1931 to 1937 and 1939-1941 as the dean of the faculty docnt M. Eat it. Botolov, Associate Professor V. 1937-1938 years. S. M. In Grechansky keupdi years. D. Gordon, V. I. Aksenov, M. H. Khodjaev, V. I. Ishimbaev, V. N.Y. Belov, K. A. Kulmanov, U.T.To laganov, R. H. Rakhmonberdiev, E.T.To Ichiev, M. H. Rasulov, E. A. Mirsalikov, Z.Sh Tursunovs served.

After the change of the Tashkent Institute of railway engineers to the Tashkent State University of transport, starting from September 2, 2020, the faculty was promoted to the rank of transport systems and became a candidate of technical sciences, professor M.H.Rasulov is not a leader.

In accordance with the laws “on education”and “national program of Personnel Training” adopted in 1997 in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the two-stage higher education system in the Republic of Uzbekistan has been switched and in this regard, the faculty has started to prepare Bachelors in the following two directions:

Transportation foidalanish.);
“Automation and control”.

In 1998, a conference on further improvement of the activities of the state Joint-Stock Company” Uzbek Railways ” was developed. In accordance with it, the following important urgent tasks were defined, improving the activity of the railway Transport network system of the Republic of Uzbekistan and paving the way for its entry into the international transport system:

continuing to change again, improving economic relations and management system on the scale of enterprises;
development of a system of non-cost activities in enterprises, cessation of compensation of the types of activities in the direction of losses through profitable activities and, as a result, transition to profitable performance;
continued work on providing network infrastructure and parks with new trasport facilities in full and continuously;
continuous development of the network’s epegdiua supply system and relocation databases;
improvement of the system of training and retraining of specialists, along with increasing the social protection of workers and employees;
kengaytirishga involvement in the development of new, improved technologies and the nomenclature of Service Services, which allows to increase the production bath and quality in order to meet the ever-growing needs of customers.

The implementation of the ushudd coverage tasks requires the opening of bakalavriat in many areas of education. For this reason, since 1999, taking into account the need for railway personnel and the scientific potential of cafe for adults “electric communication and radio”, the students ‘ admission to the “telecommunication” education direction has begun. In 2003 on the basis of this direction “Information Systems”, “Professional Education (telecommunication)” education directions and in 2004 under the Department “automatics and telemechanics” “professional education (automation and management)” educational directions were opened.

The multi-year activity of the team college prepared more than 8 thousand qualified specialists in various sectors of railway transport and national economy in NATO. Only during the years of independence the college successfully completed 1188 engineers and 716 bachelors.

The graduates of the” organization and management of Transportation ” faculties worked effectively at all stages of management-from the head of the station to the staff of the ministry, in responsible positions in the Departments of the state authority, in scientific-research and project institutes. They range from L. I. Pingarev (graduate of 1954y) former Union Minister of Railways, yerbosari, A. M. Kodirov (graduate of 1936y) – for 40 years he was previously the head of the Railway of Tashkent, then Central Asia, V. M. Celtoukhov (graduate of 1974y) – head of the middle rebel Railway, A. E. ermetov (1974y graduate) – head of the central Asian Railway and chairman of the datk” Uzbek Railways”, A. A. adilov (1949y graduate), A. D. danaev (1974y graduate) – head of Middle Asia te road, D. K. Rakhimov (1972y graduate) – the place of the chairman of the datk” OPI”, R. T. Turgunboev (1955y graduate) – head of the Railway of western Kazakhstan, I. S. Karabasov (1965y graduate)-Rector of the Institute of iron and steel engineers of Alma-Ata, S. M. Djumabaev (1949y graduate) – Rector of the Institute of railway engineers of Toshkeint in 1981-1998, X. A. Akhmedov (graduate of 1959y) – Prime Minister of Turkmenistan, G’.Z. Zakritdinov (graduate of 1959y) – Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Uzbekistan, T. Eat it.Sharipov (graduate of 1958y) – the place of the chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, I. He Ubaydullaev (1949y graduate) – T. F. D., Professor., “Cybernetics” Science-developed broaching Association Bosch directorbosari, A. A. Antonov (graduate of 1954y) – head of the Far East and Belarusian Railways, and others enter.

Our graduates of Kator in the Khozirgi period have been raising the Institute of Nutrition further with honorable insights from the dead. In a nutshell, Samarkand City Governor A. S. SHukurov, the chairman of oty DATK-SH. M. Sadigov, T. A. Valiev, E. V. Krivoruchko, A. A. Abdullaev-the heads of the DATK departments” OPI ” and others enter.

Kaff in the Departments of the College of education, work aimed at improving the quality of education is carried out regularly. In particular, a new generation of State educational standards on the directions of” Use and repair of vehicles”,” Information Systems ” education was created, attention was paid to strengthening the educational-laboratory base by the leadership of the Institute.

After I found out about it, I didn’t know how to do it. Taking this into account, the management of the institute promoted the idea of bashkil Computer Center at the faculties and began to operate computer brand, which was founded in 2000 with graduate of the Faculty of Computer Technology. In 2005, the lecture room equipped with the multimedia system of faculty was put into use.

Talented youth is an important factor and nation decoration that ensures the public and economic development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as its worthy place in the world community. Regular work is carried out at the faculty onorliidorl students izlash and determination and direction of their activities. In particular, each of them is attached to the leading teachers of graduate students, targeted training of senior students is established. The annual conferences of the “knowledge and practice” Society of the students of the Institute ensure the participation of each senior student in interesting lectures. The activities carried out are giving its Iwobi effect. For example, 32 senior students of the faculty were awarded with stipends in their independent years. 6 of them are state scholarships: J. Named after the president of Uzbekistan (1999-2000 academic year), J. Abdullaev named after Mirzo Ulugbek (2001-2002 academic year), N. Akbarov (1992-1993 academic year), O. Akbarov (1993-1994 academic year), Abdusamatov and D.(2003-2004 academic year), Z. Tursunov (2006-2007 academic year), A. Kabetskaya (2009-2010 academic year), D. Eshmetova (2010-2011 academic year), M. Pleshakova (2011-2012 academic year), S. Akhmedov (2012-2013 academic year) became a state scholarship named Vegipiu.

The students aims I’tibor a great deal of grown-up educational work with the College. The plans of the wushu work concentrated on all aspects of the upbringing of the harmonious generation. In particular, since the 2003-2004 academic year, it has been Geçtirilib, spiritual education, educational training, high approval in students and the formation of elegance, Ecologist and physical education.

Faculty departments

Bachelor’s degree

5620100     Transportation Organization and transport Logistics (railway transporti)
5312700       Intellectual engineering systems (car transporti)
5620400     Organization of road traffic
5610600     Maintenance techniques and technology
5620300     Transport Logistics
5640100      Safety of vital activity
5640200     Labor protection and Technical Safety

Master’s degree

5a620101       Transportation Logistics (railway transporti)
5A610601       Maintenance equipment and Technology (Railway transporti)
5A620401      Safety of movement and its organization (by types of transport)

Faculty Administration

Rasulov Marufdjan Khalikovich

Candidate of technical sciences, Professor

Decan of the faculty

Aripov Nadir Kadirovich

dotsent v.b

Dekan muovuni