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Local climate education program.

Local climate education program.

Education and public awareness play an important role in building the capacity of communities to mitigate and adapt to climate change, empowering people to make informed decisions. Education helps students understand the causes and impacts of climate change, prepares them for life in the face of climate change, and enables women and men to live more sustainable lives.

As part of its work on Education for Sustainable Development, UNESCO supports countries in integrating climate change issues into education systems, and fosters dialogue and exchange of experiences in climate change education through international expert meetings.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2784 dated 16.02.2017 “ON MEASURES TO IMPLEMENT THE PROJECT” PROGRAM FOR ADAPTING TO CLIMATE CHANGE AND MITIGATING ITS CONSEQUENCES FOR THE ARAL SEA BASIN ” financial sustainability of agricultural enterprises; and expanding cooperation with the International Development Association.

At our University, in educational programs and companies on the risks of mitigation, adaptation and early warning associated with climate change, measures are being taken to improve adaptation mechanisms to climate change, cooperation with nature conservation authorities is expanding and a campaign is being held at the residence of the population with the participation of student youth.


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