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“Turkish grants” for 2022 from the Turkish government

“Turkish grants” for 2022 from the Turkish government


A grant program that allows international students and researchers to study and conduct research on a grant basis at Turkish higher education institutions.

   The grants program is designed for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, as well as for research, including university admission, a one-year Turkish language course, health insurance, one-time airfare, scholarship, and tuition. and scientific programs, and accommodation.

✳️The scholarship amount is TL 800 per month for undergraduate students, TL 1100 for master students, TL 1600 for doctoral students, TL 3000 for researchers, Turkish Communication Program (KATIP) 2000 TL for civil servants and researchers.

✳️Grants for researchers are limited to a monthly stipend only. The Turkish Communications Program (KATIP) grant includes a monthly stipend, accommodation, airfare, and cultural and community activities.

   ⏳Selection period: February 20, 2022

Application deadlines are announced on the Application Calendar page on the Turkish Grants Program website. (in the end)

✅Turkey Grants Program online through the following website

You can register on the website: www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr

The age limits of this competition are indicated on the website.

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